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About Idyllwild

Perched a mile high above the bustle of Southern California’s major cities lies a valley that, when viewed from a passing aircraft, seems unassuming although appealing in its geography. The valley is thickly forested with a variety of conifers and scattered with oaks and other deciduous flora. As you get closer you realize that this hollow in the mountainside is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and commanding granite peaks and outcroppings that, when viewed from the humble approach of a mere mortal, could easily compete with much of the worlds most majestic mountains.

Tucked away so that it is barely noticed amongst the Ponderosa, Jeffrey and Lodgepole pines, the oak groves and a more than fair allotment of Manzanita, lies the rustic and, what the unsuspecting traveler may initially describe as, charming yet unpretentious little mountain village of Idyllwild. However, if this visitor were to stay for even a short while he would begin to notice that he was shortsighted in his initial observations. Unseen within this tranquil setting lies a hidden energy. Idyllwild is a place that stimulates the senses. It is a place where music and the arts reside. It is surrounded by unblemished nature that invites us all to partake in the magic it holds for us. Idyllwild, and the surrounding, wondrous landscape, is definitely a place to behold.

Tahquitz Peak